Part 526b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – A Deeper Look – SNP Markers Results Returned

12 June 2011

Early Morning,

Well, it couldn’t get any more confusing, sort of, than this. Some words of advice to anyone out there who is thinking of trying to understand the whole kit and caboodle of genetic DNA testing… Make sure you talk or write to, and listen to those who have experience. You just might find someone that knows a little bit more on the subject.

The latest Brunhammer SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) test results have just returned. Andy tested L161-, L69+, and L147.2+. These results confirm one of the Group Administrators of the Family Tree DNA – Y-Haplogroup I2a Project projections based on the Y-DNA 111 marker results. I mentioned that there was a possibility in my Posting Part 515b.

Family Tree DNA has now posted some of the information to the Brunhammer Y-Haplotree. I’ve included a new updated image of the same Y-Haplotree. The most discernible difference between the Y-Haplotree in Part 515b and this one is that the L161 test has been confirmed as negative. This means that Andy is now confirmed and excluded from the Haplogroup subclade I2a2b.

But this is where is becomes a bit more confusing. Because of timing factors of Family Tree DNA testings, that is in some cases, according to the Group Administrator, Family Tree DNA “only updates their tree every two years or so.” He continued that “I was referring to I2a2a in the ISOGG tree and your (Andy’s) L69+ result places you in I2a2a in that tree”. ISOGG is the International Society of Genetic Genealogy. The last revision of their information for the Y-DNA Haplogroup I and its Subclades was 31 May 2011.

One thing for sure is that this is a new and fast evolving science… and as more and more people sign up for testing, the results will be in somewhat a constant state of flux. It is almost like surfing on the crest of a wave that never seems to break.




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