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04 July 2011

Good Morning, and a Happy Fourth of July,

This morning, I opened the house after basking in the glory of ac for the past couple of days. The current temperature at 8:00 am is just 75° F, and the humidity is 84%. Psychologically as I can now “depend” on closing the windows and cranking up the ac, I do not feel as clammy and hot.

Happy 4th! A nice day to have off, excepting for the quadrupeds; they do not relish the swooshes, the bangs, and the pops of the humans’ celebration.

I will be adding a new header at the top of A Genealogy Hunt shortly. The new header will be “Matrix”. This will include a drop down menu of tables and summary charts of work that I have been conducting in my genealogy research. Currently there are four “Smith Indenture Study Matrix…” under the header “Analyses”. There soon will be a total of seven, plus a couple more.

Enjoy the day,



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