My Tangent - AC and Reading - Genealogy Transcription Project Continues

02 July 2011


AC is up and running and the house is comfortable… and now to start the paperwork to deal with the insurance companies, to recoup that which I had to fork out to repair. My stash is on the desk, but I really want to give myself a couple of days just to sit back before I begin writing that tome.

I’ve noticed a couple of glitches with my PC, but and with that one I will wait another couple of days to see if the issues continue. And then I will take it in for a check-up. At least this one is a different set of insurance agencies.

Last night I began working on my next set of Indentures of my Transcription Project. This next work is a set and is, I believe, 74 pages long. It was entered to the Grenada Registers of Records 2 April 1801 and begins “This Indenture of ten Parts made the twenty fourth day of July… 1800.” I have finished cropping and cleaning 40 of the downloaded images. Thirty-four more pages to go.

The following are some books that I am currently reading.
  • Jewish Pirates of The Caribbean by Edward Kritzler, published by Doubleday, 2008. My expectations are the hopes to understand the whys and the possibilities of connections to my Abraham Family lines. I not implying that my Abrahams were pirates. I am reading and searching the time frames and all possibilities to find any portal of hints and family connections.
  • Scotland, the Caribbean and The Atlantic World, 1750-1820 by Douglas J. Hamilton, Manchester University Press, 2005. All-things-being-equal this writing could open some more doors to the search of origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith and Grenada. Of course there is a possibility that there may be some Robertson connections as well.
  • Dining in the Raw by Rita Romano, 1992, published through Kensington Books. And no I am not becoming a naturist. The book is of “the Techniques of Macrobiotic, Vegan, Allergy-Free, and Raw Food Disciplines.
  • The Silver Chalice by Thomas B. Costain, Loyola Classics, 1952. I just finished Costain’s The Tontine, thank you Miss P. and I thought that I would like to read another one of his novels.
  • Kimberly Einmo’s Jelly Roll Quilts & More, AQS Publishing, 2010. We are using Cross Bows techniques to create another new quilt. This of course means we have 11 now in progress.
I added a new App, Evernote. Evernote allows me to synchronize documents, etc., between my PCs and Notebook, my iPad, and mobile phones. I really like it but my only issue, I believe, is that it is a power-hog when it is in the process of synchronizing between the different components. Something to check out.




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