My Tangent - Chicken Poxed House and Phaksha Pa

12 August 2011


Two increases this morning; four total tropical watches in the Atlantic, and six quadrupeds in The Pack. Should prove to be an interesting weekend…

We received a denial of coverage from ZapCap. Their reasoning: The surge of power, albeit electric bolt, did not enter our house through their itsy, bitsy teeny little meter attached to the outside of the house. Just think about it, a random act of power and/or energy has to pick the exact bulls-eye spot of approximately 8-inches in diameter on the exterior of a 1,700 square-foot house so that they, the ZapCap insurance, as provided by the electric company and monthly paid for by us, will cover the damages. Have you ever seen a house covered with chicken-pox?

And today I will be compiling all the details and paperwork for my second line of insurance, our home owners’ insurance. Joy oh rapture, I’m in paperwork heaven.

Supper last night derived its roots, in other words the recipe was for a pork dish from Bhuthan. That is Bhutan the little landlocked country somewhere up in the Himalayas. Could it be that this is the place of Lost Horizon?

I decided to pull a Chopped-type creation of supper. (My favorite TV show is Chopped on Food Network.) I had some pork loin, Thai bok choy, daikon, and Chinese sausage. My method of creativity is to take the four ingredients and do a combination Google search. And lo and behold – Phaksha Pa. Hell, I should of thought of it right away. Bhutan? Somewhere in the reaches of my grey matter I began thinking of Shangri-La…

Adding some onion, green chilies, chili powder, and ginger root, butter, salt and water. Topping some steamed white rice, we were quite surprised. Phaksha Pa. Only thing is I’m not trekking, as did Rutherford, through any amount of any snow and ice to find the just-right cooking pot.

Insurance paperwork, and then back to my genealogy and the 1769 Tasker Whittaker Marriage registration… and Pack management; my goals today.




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