My Tangent - Manchego Grilled Cheese & Time Machine Genealogy

11 August 2011


And it is lunch time… and visions of the last grilled cheese sandwich are dancing through my head. Somehow it has made its way through the synapses of messages of the genealogies of Smiths, and Robertsons, and Parkers, and Kendals, and Taskers…

Our latest grilled cheese sandwich was a Spinach, Egg, and Manchego concoction. Treeeeemendous!

First a hole was cut out of the bread slices and the sides, to be grilled, are spread with butter. The sour-dough bread, sandwiches grilled onions and lightly fried spinach, and grated Manchego cheese. The sandwich is then placed in a non-stick frying pan… An egg is then, that is, after you remove the shell, poured into the empty and vacant hole in the middle of the sandwich. Salt and pepper. Cover for a couple of minutes, carefully flip. Complete cooking, covered for about 3 to 4 more minutes. Tremendous!

And now back to my research and search for my many, many ancestors in England, Scotland, Australia, France, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Who said one doesn’t travel doing genealogy? Wouldn’t it have been a convenience to have Jules Verne’s Time Machine?




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