My Tangent - Even In Genealogy Can You Find Your Mirror Image?

25 August 2011


Supper last night, very light. Grilled scallops, watermelon, zucchini, onion, green pepper, and romaine lettuce with a simple olive oil, lime juice, and mint dressing. Nice.

As I was working on the University of Vermont Ariel Yearbook discovery, see Part 560c, and I was reading cousin Harry E. Crossley’s graduation entry and an quick thought crossed my mind when I observed the entry on his immediate right. It is the entry of one E. P. Crowley.

The thought that entered my thick brain was that I had seen this lady some place before. It was a complete “déjà vu”. I instantaneously thought of the actress who was the crazy nun, bus driver in the movie Sister Act. It was as if I was looking at the photo of Mary Wickes, aka Mary Isabelle Wickenhauser. Man, what a shock. E.P. Crowley is the photographic twin of Mary Wickes.

Check out the two photos of E. P Crowley and Mary Wickes.


Did not someone someplace say that we all have a double walking on this planet? Just curious… I swear that these two were made from the same mold. In 1944, the year of the Ariel Yearbook , E. P. Crowley could have been about 22 years old. I am guessing, of course. Mary Wickes on the other hand was born in 1910 and would have been about 34 years old in 1944. A 12-year difference? Who knows?

And I return to my search and research.




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