Part 561b – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1929 San Diego High School – 1st Cousin Once Removed Frederick A. Brebner

26 August 2011


This could be a coincidence, but then again the search and research of one’s genealogy may start with a coincidence. In this case the possibility may be just too, too close to not be a logical conclusion. And guaranteed I'm checking this one out, as always.

In the 1929 San Diego High School on Page 158 Manager of the Baseball team - Fred Brebner.

The information on Frederick A. Brebner; 1st Cousin once removed, the eldest son of Grandaunt René Marie Hyde (née Abraham) and Granduncle Arthur Henry Brebner was born 17 November 1911 in Demerara, British Guiana. He lived with Great-Grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham and his brother Harold S. Brebner in San Diego according to the 1930 US Census, below.

Take a gander at the attached pages 157 and 158 from the 1929 Yearbook.

Also, in the 1929 San Diego High School on Page 151 the Captain of the Class B Basketball - Freddie Brebner.

And check out who was in the 1929 graduating class that same year.




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