Part 563mc – McCullogh Genealogy – A New Descendant Chart – McCullogh and Christie Families

27 August 2011


Following on the heels of Part 562mc, the presentation of the 1920 Marriage Registration of John A. McCullogh and Ruth Jane Christie, I decided that I had better gather my papers and create a McCullogh / Christie Descendant Chart. This is my son’s maternal ancestry and a very important part of his life and being.

Here is my first draft of the McCullogh / Christie Descendant Chart.

I have pulled information and data that I have on file in my databases… and I, up to the wee hours of the morning last night, was cross-referencing Canada Censuses of 1871 through 1911. Also I have downloaded some information from the Drouin Collection of Quebec Vital and Church Records.

As always, this will always be a work in progress. Information will change as new and additional data is discovered. I have added a McCullogh Heading Label at the top of the A Genealogy Hunt. I will be adding associated links pertaining to the McCullogh and associated Family Lines. Please always check back. You never know what I will discover.




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