Part 564p – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Parker Sisters – 1940 – An 80th Birthday Party

28 August 2011


Hold your breath! As of this morning A Genealogy Hunt has hit an all-time high of monthly Visits – 936! We’re on the road to 1,000 with 4 days left in August. Also Goggle Blogger has tracked 3,899 Pageviews this last month. Thank you!

At times I become overwhelmed with the branches and twigs and leaves I discover of my genealogy and family tree. The volume of data and information now available through the auspices of websites, blogs, and databases accessible through the Internet still and daily astounds me.

I chanced upon this photograph of my six, all Parker sisters, half-ggg-grandaunts – ( left to right) Bertha Taylor, Louie Ellerman, Nancy Hartley, Anne Hollinrake, Lizzie Stansfield, and Dianah Halstead.

These are six of ten of the daughters of my gggg-grandfather John Parker and his second wife, Jane Whittaker. All told gggg-grandfather John had 17 (accounted for) children; 3 sons and 14 daughters. Can you imagine the bathroom line-up? Check out my Parker Descendant Chart I.

This photograph is the celebration of half-ggg-grandaunt Nancy (née Parker) Hartley's 80th birthday in about March of 1940. Sad to say she passed away in April of that same year. Thank you to Clive for providing this great picture.

Oh and by the by, I have received a couple of messages saying "Jimmy, the picture is too, too big for my screen!" When you pull up the picture, or any screen for that matter, if you press the buttons < Ctrl > and < - >; together it may work to reduce the actual size of your screen picture. And by pressing < Ctrl > and < + >; this combination should increase the view size of your screen.

If you have any family history, information, photograph, or detail to share, please feel free to contact me.




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