Part 565c – McCullogh Genealogy – GGG-Grandparents William John and Margret Jane (née Swail) Christie – Circa 1895-1901

29 August 2011


And don’t cha… (sorry, nothing to do with the Pussy Cat Dolls)… just love genealogy and ancestry research.

I discovered a posed photograph taken by Lalonde & Sons of 2092 St. Catherine Street, Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. (See the signature embossing at the bottom of the photograph.) This photograph is proposed to be that of ggg-grandparents William John and Margret Jane (née Swail) Christie. It is provided with the Kingery Family Tree.

There is no date given to the provenance of this picture, but from what I can find (Noel C.) Lalonde & Sons did exist at the 2092 St. Catherine Street location between the years, about 1895 and 1901.

According to the 1901 Canada Census taken April 5, ggg-grandfather William John Christie, a widower was living in Newport, Compton in Quebec. He is enumerated as 80 years old and was born in Ireland, 26 June 1820. According to the Kingery Family Tree, ggg-grandmother Margret (Margaret) Jane (née Swail) Christie passed away at Dunany, Quebec 11 January 1894. (This information is to be established.)

Here is a copy of the 1901 Canada Census –




Anonymous said...

I have been looking for Christie ancestors from Quebec for years to no avail. Peter Christie (Rachel)was born in Quebec and died on Amherst Island Ont. His son Peter, Jr. was born in 1802 in Canada and immigrated to NY in the 1830's. Did you ever hear of Peter and Rachel?

Jim Smith on February 6, 2012 at 2:07 PM said...

I have not come across the names Peter or Rachel in the Christie Family Line that I have been working on. This of course, does not mean that they should be ruled out, just that I have not encountered them. Jim

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