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21 September 2011


At times I am really amazed at the Visits to A Genealogy Hunt and the countries from where they actually come. Currently the average number of Visits per day is holding at 37. Not bad for a site that is such a small niche in the world of genealogy and ancestry research.

A Genealogy Hunt does not offer anything but a journal of my work and the notes that I make. This is the journey of my research of my genealogy and ancestry. It is also the work of understanding my own and my family’s genealogy, and those who went before us.

I have mentioned a couple of times before that I am an immigrant to the United States. At one time in my life I was also an immigrant to another great country, Canada. And I was born in Jamaica. I also had the privilege to live in three other countries, over the time of my short life – Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and The Bahamas.

A Genealogy Hunt has been a way for me to connect with my family and relatives who live in many parts and corners of the world. It is a way that has given me an appreciation of who everyone is… and how we are all connected.

Over the past only 100 Visits to A Genealogy Hunt, and yes that works out to just shy of three days, I have been able to gather the country locations from where each and various Internet connections may have originated. I have also been able to determine from which State or Province the origination came from the United States and Canada. Apart from 23 Unknown originations somewhere in this world, the plurality of the Visitors to A Genealogy Hunt have connected from:

Chile, Barbados, Slovenia, England, France, Australia, Israel, Philippines, Poland, Lebanon, Malaysia, Venezuela, Mexico, Beirut; in Canada - Ontario, New Brunswick; and in the United States - Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Florida, New York, Nebraska, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada.

Just a few of some of the other countries from where Visitors have logged in include: Germany, Ireland, Romania, Russia, Grenada, Jamaica, Ecuador, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and Peru. I am amazed. I am regularly in awe of the power of connection via the Internet.

Thank you, and enjoy.



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