Part 577mw - Smith McCullogh Genealogy - 1924 Marriage - HM McCullogh and ECB Walker, Montreal, Canada

22 September 2011

Good Evening,

And I continue to search and research the genealogy of the McCullogh Family Lines.

My next chance document is the Marriage Registration of JK's great-grand-uncle Henry "Harry" Mullen McCullogh and great-grandaunt Edna Catherine Bell Walker. They were married at the Walker's home at 67 Church Street in Montreal. It also appears, and this is just according to the signatures on the Registration entry that the Minister, George A. McIntosh may have been in some way related to the Bride's mother, Christie Ann (née McIntosh) Walker. Just a thought.

The inserted image is of 67 Rue de l'Église in Verdun, Montreal, Quebec. I am not sure if this is the actual location of the Walker home.  Had to think, thanks Ian, that Church Street today is in French Rue de l'Église.

From the Drouin Collection of the Quebec Vital and Church Records, 1621 – 1967, here is the 1924 image of the Marriage Registration for great-granduncle Henry "Harry" Mullen McCullogh and Edna Catherine Bell Walker.

My Transcription -


Henry Mullen McCullogh a bachelor
of full legal age, a salesman,
of the City of Montreal, Provice of
Quebec, son of William George
McCullogh and his wife Julia
Aldridge: and Edna Catherine Bell
Walker, of the City of Montreal also, a
daughter of Thomas James Walker and
his wife Christy Ann McIntosh: were
married by me by authority of license
at the bride's home sixty-seven Church
street City of Montreal on the twenty-
second day of April in the year One
Thousand nine Hundred and
twenty-four in the presence of witnesses

George A. McIntosh

H. M. McCullogh
Edna C. B. Walker
E.A. McCullogh
CathErine Howard

Aren't we having fun? The documents and connections are just flowing in.




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