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09 September 2011

Good Day,

When I first arrived on the genealogy scene a few years back, I learned very quickly that to find out information of one's ancestors one, that is me, had to ask a lot of questions. And I did… and did I ever get a lot of answers.

Some have been answers that make sense. And some of the answers just did provide the exact bit of information, about a long-gone ancestor.

Case in point, and this is the study which I am attempting to create and write about. Beginning with this Posting, I would like to find out who is and was my ggg-grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith. GGG-Grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) was the wife of my ggg-grandfather James Smith and the mother of his, at last count, seven children.

In order to relay that which I have found, heard, received, and discovered, I have decided to write a couple of Posts to A Genealogy Hunt. The following is pertinent and documented information that I have, to date, discovered about ggg-grandmother Mary Ann.

To start, here is the list of the possible children of ggg-grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) and ggg-grandfather James Smith. The dates included could be either the registered birth date or the registered baptism date, or both.

  • 17 March 1812 – Birth; 10 June 1814 – Baptism – Daughter: Eley Smith
  • 20 March 1815 – Birth; 23 April 1815 – Baptism – Son: James Smith (my gg-grandfather). GGG-Grandmother Mary Ann’s surname is entered as Doral.
  • 3 March 1818 – Birth; 1 January 1819 – Baptism – Son: Henry Smith. GGG-Grandmother Mary Ann’s surname is entered as Dorette.
  • 5 November 1820 – Birth; 1 January 1822 – Baptism – Son: Thomas Smith. GGG-Grandmother Mary Ann’s surname is entered as Dorette.

I have not been able to find either birth or baptism registrations for the following, but their names are included in ggg-grandfather James’ 1842 Last Will and Testament. (See Part 347s.) The additional children include:

  • George Smith – Son. Mentioned in ggg-grandfather James Smith’s 1842 Last Will and Testament.
  • Sophia (née Smith) Ventour – Daughter. Mentioned in ggg-grandfather James Smith’s 1842 Last Will and Testament.
  • Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele – Daughter. Mentioned in ggg-grandfather James Smith’s 1842 Last Will and Testament.

GGG-Grandparents James Smith and Mary Ann (née Doret) were married at Good Hope in Grenada 11 December 1832. (See Part 62s for my discussion of the 1825 Ventour, 1832 Smith, and 1832 Steele marriages.)

(The inserted map is of the island of Grenada with a marker at the location of Good Hope Estate.)

It is based on the order of bequests in ggg-grandfather James’ 1842 LWT, the dates of the above-mentioned marriages, and the birth and baptism dates that I have placed the children of ggg-grandparents James’ and Mary Ann’s in the following order.

  1. GG-Grandaunt Eley Smith;
  2. GG-Granduncle George Smith;
  3. GG-Grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) Ventour;
  4. GG-Grandaunt Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele;
  5. GG-Grandfather James Smith;
  6. GG-Granduncle Henry Smith; and
  7. GG-Granduncle Thomas Smith

Please note as I discover more and more data and documentation I will adjust my records and my logic accordingly.

I do have the documentation for the above-mentioned events and occasions. I have also touched on them in previous discussions on A Genealogy Hunt. You can use the “Search This Blog” function in the right hand column to view previous Postings.

If you have any comments, questions, information, and data please feel free to contact me. You can also comment directly to this posting on A Genealogy Hunt.




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