Part 574m – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1898 – Baptism Great-Granduncle Charles Edward Alexander McCullogh – Montreal, Canada

18 September 2011

Good Day,

It has been sort of dull and a wee bit doldrum-atic in my genealogy and ancestry research these past couple of days. (If any politician or other person of note can make up words, I think I should have that opportunity as well. And I think you understand what I mean.)

I’ve been playing Mr. Green-Jeans of late. Planted rows of green and wax beans and radishes, from seed. And as I am reviving the feline war-games against the local scratchers I have set my first garden with elements of the plains of a World War I barricade. For you kitty-lovers I have not used barbed wire… as yet. But the past night on the Interlake Front was all quiet in the veggie-box trenches.

Next to try, tomatoes and peppers… I’m attempting a fall planting to catch before the real Florida cold envelopes the Sand and Sunshine State.

I have discovered the complete names of JK’s ggg-grandfather’s name, William George McCullogh. The names of ggg-grandfather William George and ggg-grandmother Julia Adelaide (née Aldridge) McCullogh are recorded on the 5 December 1900 Baptism Registration of their youngest son, great-granduncle Charles Edward Alexander McCullogh.

From the Drouin Collection of the Quebec Vital and Church Records, 1621 – 1967, here is the image of the 1900 Baptism Registration.

My transcription –


Folio Twenty-Five

McCullogh Baptized

Charles Edward Alexander son
of William George McCullogh and
of Julia Adelaide Aldridge, his wife
born on the twelfth of January eighteen
hundred and ninety-eight and was
baptized on the fifth of December
nineteen hundred.

By me

Jas. H. Drouin

Sponsors his Parents

William George McCullogh
Julia Adelaide McCullogh
And Janey McCullogh.

Obviously the Sponsors are great-granduncle Alexander’s parents, gg-grandparents William and Julia McCullogh. The third Sponsor “Janey McCullogh” could be great-granduncle Alexander’s eldest sister, great-grandaunt Jane.

The top inserted image is the original building of St. Jude's Church.  St Jude’s Church has since ceased operations and the parishioners joined the congregation of St. George’s Anglican Church in downtown Montreal. The original building still stands at the corner of Coursol and Binet Streets in Little Burgundy. It is now the home the Bible Way Pentecostal Church.




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