My Tangent - Classic, or New Withdrawal Symptoms

28 October 2011

Good Day,

Withdrawal, withdrawal, withdrawal... my main PC system is in for its 60-million byte check up. And I am going through the elementary stages of “what the hell am I going to do today without my complete system?”

I think it is key and critical for the health of your PC systems to set a schedule and just take it in for a cleaning and a check up. We do it, supposedly, with ourselves and our own bodies, our cars, and our air-conditioning systems, so why not with our PCs...

And I do not mean taking it into a “bargain let’s clean your system... but you can’t have it back for three weeks” mega-store where you can pick up the latest Blu-Rays, CDs and vacuum cleaners. I mean, find a local shop or “expert” who becomes your right-hand go-to person when you have problems... A reputable, quasi-know-it all who eeks out a living with wires, and components, and the latest computer whatya-ma-callits.

I like my PC desktop system. I like my laptops and my iPads but I depend upon my desktop system as my home and base to my other peripherals. And I have data compartments storing my files and folders of all my genealogy and ancestry materials and documentation on my desktop.

And so I wait... for the “Jim, your PC is ready... Yocancomeandpickitup” call.

I know there are a number of projects and directions that I want to search and research in the quest of pinning the leaves on my Family Tree. I need to find ggggg-grandfather William Parker who may have been born and/or christened circa 1751 in about and maybe Grassington in Yorkshire. I need to get back to my Transcription Project searching for the origins of ggg-grandfather James Smith prior to his arrival at Grenada. I need to find a Doret connection to determine the roots of ggg-grandmother Mary Ann (née Doret) Smith. I would like to present Diane’s findings regarding gg-grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer's final resting place at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsylvania. And this does not address the number of email conversations and requests that I have waiting in the wings from friends and family members and connections. And these are to name just a few.

But right now I’ve got to bleach the pool deck... There are certain jobs that do get done when I do not have my main PC system.




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