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29 October 2011

Good Day,

And the good news is that I’m getting used to blogging A Genealogy Hunt from my Notebook and iPad. The bad news; my Desktop will be returned sometime next week. It appears that something in the Ubuntu 11.10 upgrade is sort of wonky. I was just cuddling up with 11.04 when immediately appears... with warning of course, 11.10.

I find when doing my genealogy work, and my writing my blogs, A Genealogy Hunt and Quilts SB, I like to have at least a minimal comprehensive understanding of as many multiple operating systems that are out there in Internetland. And to tell you the truth I really, truly like my Linux and my iPad systems... but I have to depend upon my Windows system, so I tread lightly.

And no Z, I do not need a new PC. My “old” one is not “old”, that I should just go out and get a new one. It is a custom built one... and it has more thing-a-ma-jigs, and speed and space, and power than I can think of. It is just that from time-to-time certain conflicts occur between operating systems. I also think that it is a good habit to have regular check-ups and cleanings.

Picture it this way... Windows wants to have its own way, its own space, and its own claim to all the space and hard drive real estate it can get a hold of. To Windows, my new operating Linux system is sort of an interloper... sort of like Google+ to Facebook; My Space to Blogger to WordPress to Tumblr. It now becomes a choice of preference.

Well I do like Windows. I do like Linux. I do like Mac. And when I Blog I have to make sure that, as best as possible, A Genealogy Hunt, Quilts SB, and my new Quilts SB Test are accessible and readable, aka legible, on as many Internet Browsers as possible.

Currently, and according to the latest stats, readers are visiting A Genealogy Hunt via 10 different Browsers, and eight Operating Systems. Four of the 10 Browsers, and no pun intended, are completely foreign to me. I try to understand, within the limits of my grey matter, the different operating systems in order to present A Genealogy Hunt and Quilts SB to the greatest number of Visitors, as best as possible on their terms, so-to-speak.

To date the most Visits to A Genealogy Hunt are arriving from United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Spain, India, Australia, and China... in that order. The most Visits to Quilts SB, in order, are from United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Jamaica, and Poland. Apart from vocal languages in this day-and-age a small understanding of system language, perceptions, and expectations are good to have, in my opinion... in my case.

And the other thing, albeit a new power pack I am having installed, is something that should, once again, increase, in layman’s terms the speed and crunching of my Desktop PC.  Technology just keeps forging ahead in the conundrum of my genealogy and historical research and search.

Well back to my genealogy work... and quilt designs.




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