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19 October 2011

Good Morning All,

I get up this morning… and I attend to The Pack. The Minis are all a’bouncin’ and tanglin’ themselves up as I try to unknot them from leashes and harnesses and collars. Taylor is just complain’, sort of, saying in her quiet, undisturbed way ‘Please get those idiots out to do their damn business… I gotta do mine.”

Dogs done, fed. I account for three. Where the hell is Radar? How in tarnation did the sheets and blankets get mounded up like that? Sure ‘nough, he’s buried himself under the mound to take his after-breakfast relax and time out.

Tried red-eye gravy on ham steaks last night. Wasn’t too sure about coffee and ham scrapings, but it wasn’t too, too bad. I was expecting a dinner plate full of coffee swill. I’m sold, and definitely will try again. Made a lime chiffon pie for dessert. Can of frozen limeade, can of condensed milk, and cool whip. Poured into a graham crust pie shell. Wasn’t at all difficult… and I didn’t waste any of the grey matter cells that I have left making it. Only secret is that it needs to set in the freezer.

And talking about the new refrigerator, here’s one for the books. The heater in the freezer in my brand, brand new refrigerator is on the fritz. Who ever heard of a heater in a freezer? Well it’s got one. It is supposed to keep the tubing that conducts the water to the ice-maker from freezing up before the water gets to the ice-maker to make ice. Make sense? Well the powers that be are gonna replace the door. Seems that it is a flaw in the manufacturing. And so we’re waiting on a new freezer door with a new heater for our new refrigerator.

The new Ubuntu upgrade is not going too well on my PC. I know it has something to do with Windows 7 and Skype… just don’t know what. I get a partial upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot. Everything still works but I do like my systems to work cleanly and without glitches. Got to figure this one out.

And the last thing I gotta do today is have my new teeth put in. This is the third time in 10 years, since the car accident that I have had to had work done on my back three teeth that were destroyed. This time some of the porcelain chipped off the crown that holds the bridge that connects the back two molars. And this is the second time I am having it refitted. The company that makes the replacement made it too, too big… and yes I can hear the comments through the Internet lines… for my mouth.

Okay that’s my morning fix. Gotta get ready for the dentist. Will be back to my genealogy and quilting.

Enjoy your coffee,



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