Part 592d – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1760 Baptism – GGGG-Granduncle John Dudgeon – Hume Littlemill, Scotland

20 October 2011


The next Dudgeon, of ggggg-grandparents Thomas and Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon’s children is their second son gggg-granduncle John Dudgeon. Jay, I believe this is your 4-times great-grandfather… and the relationship calculation set us as 6th Cousins. Quite some distances when one thinks of Hume in Scotland to Madison and Tampa. Our most common ancestors would be our ggggg-grandparents Thomas and Janet.

From I have downloaded the Old Parochial Register (OPR) Baptism entry dated 11 July 1760. The Parish indicated is Stichill and Hume in the County of Roxburgh. The above inserted image is of Hume in 2011, according to Google Maps. Shy of the paved road, the digital satellite, TV antenna, and telephone poles, not sure if much has changed in 260+ years.

Here is the OPR page.

And my transcription. Note the spellings of the month “Jully” and the surnames “Dudgin” and “Hop” versus July, Dudgeon, and Hope, respectively.

Jully 11

Thomas Dudgin and Janet Hop
in Hume Littlemill had a Son
Baptized Named John.

I have not been able to find, online, any specific reference to “Hume Littlemill”. Any thoughts?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments or ideas.




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