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17 October 2011

Good Day,

Quick and simple. I am updating my Descendant Charts, a part of the scope of my research and search of my genealogy, ancestry, and Family Lines. Here is the latest updated Robertson Descendant Chart.

Please Note: The yellow and blue symbols represent my direct blood line. All information on this Descendant Chart is based on current and available information. It may change as new and more correct data is discovered. New and updated data may be entered in red.

The added letters and numbers to the right and left of a name in the Descendant Chart, for example, C-P49, can be used to locate an image of the document as it appears in A Genealogy Hunt.

In order to see the actual Part referred, the Part number, for example "588h" can be entered into the Search This Blog box in the right-hand column. Once you press the Search Button a box should appear under the Headings and the appropriate links will be provided. Move your cursor to the link and click.

Key -

B = Birth

C = Baptism/Christening

M = Marriage

D = Death or Burial

P490 = Part 490.

All Descendant Charts are usually added to the pull-down menus under each appropriate Heading at the top of the page.

If you have any questions, comments, and ideas, please contact me.




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