Part 588h – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1733 Baptism – GGGGG-Grandmother Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon – Nenthorn, Scotland

17 October 2011

Good Day,

Yesterday afternoon was in the pool with Taylor. It has been three weeks since the FCE and complete paralysis. She is swimming again. She is walking… and the strength is returning slowly but surely to her four legs. She still has to be supported when she does her business and she slips down when she tries to navigate a complete turn. But overall she is progressing. We do not know what we would have done and what would have been the outcome three weeks ago without the assistance and communication of all her Vets, past and present. We thank you all… Maria, Jennifer, Jean, and Michael.

And it is back to my search and research of my genealogy and Family Ancestry.

Today I am reaching out on a possibility that the following 2 September 1733 Baptism Registration from Nenthorn Parish is that of my ggggg-grandmother Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon.

Here is the image as downloaded from the Old Parochial Records from Nenthorn in Berwickshire, Scotland, from

My transcription –

Nenthorn Kirk Septer 2 1733

The said day John Hope in Sneep had a child Baptiz
ed called Janet.

Obviously this is not much to go on…but here are my thoughts and logical assumption. (Please remember that these can always change based on new and more direct information and data.)

1. The name of the child, Janet Hope is the same as that of ggggg-grandmother Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon.

2. The location Nenthorn, of the Baptism, is the same as that of ggggg-grandparents Thomas and Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon 11 July 1758 marriage.

3. All-things-being-equal, and if ggggg-grandmother Janet was baptized near to the date of her birth, if it was 1733, she would have been about 25 years old when she married ggggg-grandfather Thomas Dudgeon.

4. Based on general Scottish naming patterns, ggggg-grandparents Thomas and Janet’s second son, on record, was named John, who may have been named after ggggg-grandmother Janet’s father John, as noted in the 1733 Baptism Entry.

5. John Hope is from Sneep which is in the Parish of Nenthorn.

Something to think about.




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