Part 597d - Smith Robertson Genealogy - Baptism 1770 - GGGG-Grandaunt Janet Dudgeon - Hume Mill, Scotland

26 October 2011

Good Day,

Taylor is most definitely getting better. This morning was the first morning that she actually got herself up to a standing position with any assistance. She was somewhat wobbly, and she walked for some time… and they fell down from muscular exhaustion. It definitely has been a small journey.

Now my focus is on my genealogy and ancestry search and research. This morning I have the final and eighth Baptism Entry from Stichill and Hume, that I have discovered of the eight children of ggggg-grandparents Thomas and Janet (née Hope) Dudgeon. This is the 1770 Baptism Entry of gggg-grandaunt Janet Dudgeon.

Here is the Baptism Entry from the Old Parochial Register as downloaded from

And my transcription –

2 Janry 1770

Thomas Dudgeon & Janet
Hope in Hume Mill had a
D B N Janet W Thomas
Spence & George Marshal

I now need to update the Robertson Descendant Chart. Stay-tuned.




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