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26 October 2011

Good Day, again,

At times there is a sense of relief, when I have finished a genealogy project of which I have set myself. This latest project was the Dudgeon Project.

In my search and research to follow up on the ancestry and genealogy of my gggg-grandmother Christian (née Dudgeon) Robertson, I have been able to account for what appear to be her seven siblings.

Based on the baptismal order by year there looks to be some semblance of logic as to the birth order of the first seven siblings. The order birth order, as best as I can guess, from the documentation are: Thomas, John, Rachel, Jean, William, Isobel, and Janet.

I have an issue with the actual birth order of her siblings, or where she, gggg-grandmother Christian may fit in. The years of baptism order of the siblings, respectively, and excluding gggg-grandmother Christian are: 1759, 1760, 1762, 1763, 1765, 1768, and 1770. All-things-being-equal, these could be close to and approximately near the actual year of each one’s birth. No problem.

As I said, my issue is that of gggg-grandmother Christian (née Dudgeon) and where she may have existed in the birth order of the Dudgeon siblings. The documents I have are of her 1774 Baptism and her 1778 Marriage. You can understand that it is somewhat hard to believe that she would have been married at about or around four years old. My logical conclusion is that she was baptized at a later date, than her birth year, in her life.

There are a couple of possibilities that could be acceptable to her being of age when she did marry gggg-grandfather. Assuming that she was at least 18 years old when she married in 1778 GGGG-Grandmother Christian (née Dudgeon) could have been born before 1759. Also there may be a possibility that she could have been born around 1761. Until further documentation is found gggg-grandmother Christian’s birth year will remain a mystery.

And I continue. I have updated my Robertson Descendant Chart to include the Posting numbers of all my most recent entries to A Genealogy Hunt.




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