Part 604b - Brunhammer Genealogy - 1910 Census - Great-Granduncle Jacques A. (aka Jacob) Brunhammer - Ware, Massachusetts

17 November 2011

Good Day,

Well, I decided to follow a lead that I received this morning, as I was thinking about my genealogy search and research. I received an email notice from entitled “Search Millions of Obituaries Over 320 Years”. Certainly caught my eye.

Not having anything to do, I decided to enter the surname Brunhammer into the Search Engine. I just thought, that maybe I may find something, albeit some archived and readily available piece of information that I may not have encountered.

And lo and behold... Sorry, not trying to be sacrilegious, but the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas and Holiday ads have a way of influencing, not only my pockets, but my train of thought and writing. As I was lo’ing and beholding, I chanced upon a number of Brunhammer references that I had not seen before. And these references would appear to be a set of keys that will open up a number of doors on the limbs of the branches on the Brunhammer Family Tree.

But before I present to you, (you’ll just have to keep coming back to A Genealogy Hunt), I have decided to build, albeit write, a wee bit of the background and knowledge that I have been able to gather and compile over the years.

Great-Granduncle Jacques A. Brunhammer, also known as Jacob Brunhammer, (Junior) was one of the six children who accompanied gg-grandmother Marie (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer from Alsace, France and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. They arrived at the Port of Philadelphia 17 May 1876. Great-Granduncle Jacques would have been about 5 years old. (See Part 92b.)

The Brunhammer Family settled in Pennsylvania and then New Jersey. At some point in time great-granduncle Jacques moved to Ware, in the County of Hampshire, in Massachusetts. His occupation was as a Spinner at the Cotton Mill.

From the 1910 US Census, great-granduncle Jacques, now known as Jacob, was living at 31 West Street, in Ware with his wife, Anna L. and their daughters Flora A. and Mildred M., 8 and 7 years old, respectively. According to the 1910 Census there had been another child who at that time was no longer living.  (The above inserted image is of 31 West Street in Ware in 2010.)

Here is an image, from of the page of the the 1910 Census.

I am not transcribing the enumeration of the Brunhammer Family that appears on this page of the Census. Praise be, the person who wrote the information did have a reasonable and legible penmanship.

I will now continue with the Jacob (née Jacques) Brunhammer family in subsequent Postings on A Genealogy Hunt. And what does this have to do with my opening paragraph regarding  Well, ya’ll comeback, you hear.




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