Part 605bj – Brunhammer Genealogy – 1980 Death – 1st Cousin Twice Removed Mildred (née Brunhammer) Jablownski – Ware, Massachusetts

19 November 2011

Good Day,

Believe it or not this is my 800th Posting on A Genealogy Hunt. I never realized that there would be so much to write about them-there ancestors and stuff like trees, and branches, and limbs. Guess what? There is, and it is definitely much more than I really expected.

A couple of years back, and up to that point, I had been working about five years into the search and research for the Brunhammer Family. Based on starting with one of the Brunhammer grand-nieces, I had discovered information of just 52 ancestors in her blood line. And this took me five years!

When I calculated, based on a fan chart mapping and going back for 12 generations; just highlighting those ancestors in her immediate blood line, I figured it would take me approximately 405 years and 8 months to fill all of the 4,218 ancestors’ spaces in her blood line; in the fan chart. Guess I have a bit more work cut out for me.

I mentioned in my previous Posting, number 799 and Part 604b, that I had chanced upon some information from a that opened a path to a branch of the Brunhammer Family Tree.

Following up from the 1910 US Census listing great-granduncle Jacob (née Jacques) Brunhammer I decided to conduct a Brunhammers in Massachusetts search. The first of seven Brunhammer News Articles Found is dated 23 January 1980 from the Springfield Union. It is the Death Notice of Mrs. Mildred (Brunhammer) Jablownski; Andy’s 1st Cousin twice removed.

Here is a copy of the Notice.

The above inserted cut-away from Google Maps shows the satellite picture of the approximate location of 282 Palmer Road in Ware, Massachusetts.

I will be creating a corresponding Descendant Chart shortly. Stay tuned, and enjoy,



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