Part 607ma – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1881 Marriage – GG-Grandparents William George McCullagh and Julia Adelaide Aldridge – Dublin, Ireland

21 November 2011

Good Day,

Isn’t Genealogy sweet… especially when the mailman delivers a large brown envelope to the house from the Office of The Registrar General of the Civil Registration Service directly from Convent Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon in Ireland.

It is the 31 December 1881 Marriage Registration Entry of JK’s gg-grandfather William George McCullagh and gg-grandmother Julia Adelaide Aldridge. Hurrah, another piece to add to the puzzle…

Included in the Marriage Registration are the bride’s and groom’s fathers; JK’s ggg-grandfathers Hugh McCullagh and Thomas Aldridge. And the locations of the residences of both gg-grandfather William and gg-grandmother Julia are definitely new clues to find further branches of the McCullogh and Aldridge Family Trees.

GG-Grandfather William George is listed as a resident of Enniscorthy, and gg-grandmother Julia Adelaide’s residence is provided as Wexford. The above inserted map, from Google, depicts the connected distances from Wexford to Enniscorthy to Dublin as approximately 87 miles, 140 kms. And my next question is “Why? Why, travel the distance to Dublin to get married?”

Something to think about. GG-Grandparents William George and Julia Adelaide (née Aldridge) McCullagh were married in 1881. According to the 1911 Canada Census they and least three of their eight children immigrated to Canada in 1890. More clues in the re-creation of the McCullogh Family Tree…

Here is an image of the 1881 Marriage Registration. The writing is excellent; I do not have to transcribe.

The following is a discussion I discovered at the site Irish Church Missions. This could be a reference to be filed regarding the location of the Marriage as indicated on the Registration; "Married at the Mission Church of Dublin according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of Ireland..."

Definitely something else to think about.

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