Part 606bc – Brunhammer Genealogy – 1984 Death - 1st Cousin Twice Removed Florence A. (née Brunhammer) Ciejka – Ware, Massachusetts

21 November 2011

Good Day,

And here is another Brunhammer discovery; a find in the search and research of the genealogy of the Brunhammer Family Tree.

The next is that of a Death in the archives of the Springfield Union of Ware, Massachusetts. These are the notice and announcement of the passing, dated 9 February 1984 1st Cousin twice removed Florence A. (née Brunhammer) Ciejka, sister to Mildred M. (née Brunhammer) Jablownski, and elder daughter of Jacob (née Jacques) and Anna L. Brunhammer.

According to the Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003, 1st Cousin twice removed Florence A. (née Brunhammer) Ciejka passed away 8 February 1984.

Also I have located from the Springfield Union Archives the notice and announcement of the 1975 passing of Florence’s husband, John A. Ciejka.

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