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02 December 2011

Good Day,

Have you ever had a strange dream, awakened, then tried to get back to sleep so you could finish the dream? I did… and I couldn’t. And all I could remember was that I lost my shoes, had forgotten the roses, and had to pick up the cake… and there were this troupe of pear-shaped cloggers scheduled to perform. And what this has to do with genealogy or the search for my ggg-grandfather James Smith, hell if I know… But it certainly was some strange dream.

And I continue with my Transcription Project, searching for the hint or clue that could lead me to a shred of evidence to the ancestry and genealogy of ggg-grandfather James.

The next entered, on 2 April 1801, is I believe the Schedule A as referred to in my most recent few Postings. There is a difference which I really will not go into too much detail but I thought in the previous Document there was reference to Ten Parts, whereas in this two-page Schedule A, the reference is to eight Parts.

Here are the two Pages, 32 and 33, as downloaded from Item 3 of the microfilm FHL [1563378].

And my transcription -

Entered 2nd April 1801

This Indenture made the twenty third day of July in the Thirtieth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith And in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight Hundred Between Ann Wordsworth of Wadsworth in the County of York Widow Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Goods Chattels Rights and Credits of Samuel Wordsworth late of the City of London Merchant deceased Sir Charles Kent of Chandor Street Cavendish Square in the County of Middlesex Baronet and Dame Mary his Wife Ann Verelst of Aston in the said County of York Widow which said Dame Mary the Wife of the said Sir Charles Kent and Ann Verelst are the Coheire∫ses at Law of Josias Wordsworth of Wadworth aforesaid Esquire the Cousin and Heir at Law of the said Samuel Wordsworth William Lushington of the City of London Merchant Alexander Scott Son Heir at Law and Devisee named in the last Will and Testament of Michael Scott late of the Island of Grenada in the West Indies Esquire deceased and Marthé Cornette Victoire De St. Cyr Scott of Wolfenbuttel in the Dutch of Brunswick in Lower Saxony Widow of the said Michael Scott of the one Part and James Law of the said City of London Merchant of the other Part Witne∫seth that the said Ann Wordsworth Sir Charles Kent Dame Mary his Wife Ann Verelst William Lushington Alexander Scott and Marthé Cornette Victoire De St. Cyr Scott for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings of lawful Money of Great Britain to them in Hand at or before the sealing and delivery of these Presents well and truly paid by the said James Law the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge Have and each of them Hath Bargained and sold And by these Presents Do and each of them Doth Bargain and sell unto the said James Law All those two several Plantations or Estates or Pieces or Parcels of Land or Ground late of the said Michael Scott with all Me∫suages or Tenements Erections and Buildings thereunto belonging with the Appurtenances situate in the Parish of St. Andrew in the said Island of Grenada and commonly called or known by the name of the Boulogne and Union Plantation is by whatsoever name or names the same or either of them have or hath been called or known and which said Plantations and Premises were formerly in the tenure or occupation of the said Michael Scott or his A∫signs and were formerly the Estate of George Scott Esquire deceased the Brother of the said Michael Scott and Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Dominique in America together with all Ways Paths Pa∫sages Waters Watercourses Rights Easements Profits Privileges Commodities and Hereditaments to the same Plantation belonging or in any wise appertaining or therewith or with any part thereof commonly used deemed taken or known as part parcel or member thereof together with all and singular the Me∫suages or Dwelling houses Outhouse Mills Boiling houses Curing houses Stillhouses Cisterns Cellars Negro houses and all other Edifices and Erections of what nature or kind soever on the said Plantation hereby bargained and sold or intended to be erected built standing or being with all and every the Coppers Boilers Stills Worms and other fixtures therein or thereupon And all and every those Negro and other Slaves in the Schedule annexed to the Indenture of Release intended to bear date the day next after the day of the date of these Presents herein after referred to particularly specified by Name and all and every the Horse Mules Horned Cattles and other live Stock in the same Schedule enumerated and distinguished with the future i∫sue and Increase of the Females of the said Slaves and live Stock and also all and singular the Plantations Stores Implements Utensils furniture and dead Stock to the said Plantation hereby bargained and sold or



Intended so to be or to the Building thereon respectively belonging or used or kept for the purposes of cultivation or manufacture and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders yearly and other Rents I∫sues and profits thereof To have and to Hold the said Plantation Pieces or Parcels of Land Me∫suages Buildings fixtures Negro and other Slaves live and dead Stock Plantation Utensils and Premises herein before mentioned and intended to be hereby bargained and sold with their and every of their Appurtenances unto the said James Law his Executors Administrators and A∫signs from the day next before the day of the date of these Presents for and during and unto the full end and term of one whole Year from thence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended Yielding and Paying for the same at the expiration of the said Term the rent of one pepper Corn only (if the same shall be lawfully demanded) To the intent and Purposes that by virtue of these Presents and by force of the Statute made for transferring of Uses into Po∫se∫sion the said James Law may be in the actual Po∫se∫sion of the said Heredita- ments and Premises and be thereby enabled to accept and take absent and Releases of the Reversion and Inheritance thereof unto him the said James Law his Heirs and A∫signs To the use of the said James Law his Heirs and A∫signs for ever upon the Trusts and to and for the intents and purposes and with under and subject to the Power Provisoes and Declarations to be mentioned expre∫sed and declared of and concerning the same in and by a certain Indenture of Release of eight parts intended to bear date the day next after the day of the date hereof and to be made between the said Sir Charles Kent and Dame Mary his Wife and Ann Verelst of the first Part the said Ann Wordsworth of the second part the said Sir Charles Kent Dame Mary his Wife and Ann Verelst of the third part The Reverend William Smith of the Fourth part thesaid Alexander Scott of the fifth part the said Marthé Cornette Victoire De St. Cyr Scott of the sixth Part the said William Lushington of the seventh part and the said James Law of the Eighth Part In Witne∫s whereof the said Parties to these presents have hereunto set their Hands and Seals the day and year first above written

Ann (LS) Wordsworth Ann (LS) Verelst Marthé Cornette

Charles (LS) Kent W. (LS) Lushington Victorie de St. Cyr (LS) Scott

Mary (LS) Kent Alexr (LS) Scott by her Attorney Robt. Smith

Sealed and delivered by the within named Ann Wordsworth (being first duly stamped) in the presence of Geo Broadrick Town Clerk Doncaster Wm Stephenson his Clerk

Sealed and delivered by the with named Sit Charles Kent and Mary his Wife in the presence of

Jo Solly Town Clerk of Sandwich. Thos Cro∫s Clerk to Me∫sr Bleasdale & Alexander London

Sealed and delivered by the within named Ann Verelst in the presence of

James Hall Joseph Robinson

Sealed and delivered by the within named Alexander Scott in the presence of

James Smith Basinghall Street London - Robert Lanning

Sealed and delivered by the within named Marthé Cornette Victoire de St. Cyr Scott by Robert Smith her Attorney by virtue of a Power of Attorney bearing date the twenty seventh day of November One thousand Eight hundred in the presence of William Brown Robert Lanning

Schedule B begins of Page 34 and I believes runs through Page 72. I will be transcribing 38 new pages… and searching.




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