Part 613ma – Smith McCullogh Genealogy - Addition to McCullogh/Aldridge/Christie Descendant Chart

01 December 2011

Good day,

And here we go again. I have discovered some new, possible additions to the McCullogh Family Tree. But as yet, these are tenuous additions of the Aldridge genealogy. My previous McCullagh/Aldridge Posting to A Genealogy Hunt is Part 607ma.

We know that JK’s great-great-grandmother was born in England. This fact is supported by the information provided on corresponding Canada Censuses. The 1901 Canada Census of Montreal, Quebec records gg-grandmother Julia Adelaide (née Aldridge) McCullagh’s birth as “8 Fevrier 1863” or translated “8 February 1863”.

I have discovered the 1861 England Census page and a Parish Baptism Register entry that in all consideration could provide leads to the genealogy and ancestry of gg-grandmother Julia. The issues are the corresponding dates and calculation of her age and birth year. These I will continue to investigate. I will also follow up my notes in subsequent Postings to A Genealogy Hunt… So stay tuned.




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