Part 623b – Brunhammer Genealogy – New and Updated Descendant Charts

14 January 2012

Good Day,

Following up with the discovery of the related information regarding Great-Grandaunt Lizzie Brunhammer (see Part 616b) I have updated the Brunhammer Descendant Chart. The Genealogy of the Brunhammer Family continues to grow.

This Descendant Chart is not only restricted to Andy’s Blood Line; the identified in individuals in blue and yellow. It also includes various Collateral Lines as those individuals; ancestors and connections, relate to him.

And as the information and data, the ancestors and the relative connections continue to grow, based on our search and research, I have found it necessary to split the whole Brunhammer Descendant Chart into three Parts: A, B, and C. These three Parts will be added to the Brunhammer drop-down menu at the top of each page on A Genealogy Hunt. I will also include a complete Brunhammer Descendant Chart but I must warn you that as the genealogy grows the complete one will become harder to read.

And the search and research continues.




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