Part 652acm – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – Three New Descendant Charts – McCullogh, Aldridge, and Christie

04 March 2012

Burrowed in my house on this gorgeous breezy, albeit windy day, in sunny Tampa, I am closeting myself away from the floating, yellow microbes of the latest pollen assault. I feel claustrophobic, but my eyes, my nose, and my throat, and my diaphragm sort-of thank me for the consideration.

So what do I do cooped up, sans air frais… I attack my PC with the gusto of a genealogy search and rescue mission.

As promised, previously, and due to the expansion of the McCullogh/Aldridge/Christie Descendant Chart I have attempted to re-created three separate new and singular Family Line Charts…

McCullogh Descendant Chart

Aldridge Descendant Chart

Christie Descendant Chart

These should now all be able to be accessed under the top McCullogh label, just under the “t” in the A Genealogy Hunt title at the top of each page.

I am now working on a Trefry Descendant Chart which should expand JK’s maternal line and lineage.

Stay tuned,




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