Part 653am – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1801 Marriage Registration – GGGG-Grandparents Thomas and Mary (née Marsingate) Aldridge

06 March 2012

Good Day,

Following up from the transcription of the Births and/or Christening Registers of St. John and St. Martin in Beverley, Yorkshire, England, see Part 651a, I thought I would check to see if there may be the equivalent of a Marriage Register.

I never know what direction I may be headed or which path I will follow in this Genealogy thing and quest. And sure enough I located a microfiche which displays the Computer Printout of the transcribed work of the Marriage Registers for Beverley, St. John and St. Martin BTS, Yorks, Eng 1713 to 1837. This microfiche is FHL [6910854].

Following the information, as provided on the Births and Christenings Registers transcription, that the same parents of the 12 Aldridge children/offspring were Thomas Aldridge and Mary, I discovered a 1 Jun 1801 Thomas Aldridge and Mary Marsingate entry.

Using my iPhone I was able to take a copy of the Computer Printout and download the page image. Here is the adjusted image.

My transcription –

Beverley, St. John And St. Martin BTS, Yorks, Eng 1713 To 1837


Surname – Aldridge
Marr.(iage) Date – 1 Jun 1801
Given Name – Thomas
Rel(ationship) – H
Spouse/Parents – Mary Marsingate
Ages –

There are two other Aldridge Marriages registrations: 31 Jul 1797 – Hannah Aldridge and Thomas Crabtree; and 24 Aug 1809 – John Aldridge and Mary Robinson. My immediate thought is that there may be a filial relationship between Hannah and John to gggg-grandfather Thomas Aldridge.

There are no earlier indicated Aldridge Marriages that could be construed as a possible parental connection to gggg-grandfather Thomas. All-things-being-equal, the thought is conceivable that gggg-grandfather Thomas’ parents came to Beverley from elsewhere. On the Birth and Christening Register there is a listing for one Thomas Aldridge, son of Thomas Aldridge dated 17 January 1779. (See Part 651a.) Could this be the correct association? Need to check that out.

And now to continue my search and research.




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