Part 673p – Groh Smith Genealogy – The Mystery of GGG-Grandfather Brayton C. Placeway – 1910 Patient – United States Naval Hospital

02 May 2012

Good Day,

Just had to try it this morning… Strawberries and mozzarella with sour cream, salt and pepper omelet.

You should have seen the look I received when I placed the finished dish on the table. And it was goooooood! And I did construct it in just about 20 minutes. Chopped! Can I have some more please?

In my genealogy work and the reconstructing of the life of ggg-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway, I am always amazed at what I have been able to find tucked in behind a Cloud, floating away in Internetland.

The next document referencing ggg-grandfather Brayton is the 1910 United Census. The Census is an enumeration of the patients at the United States Naval Hospital in Portsmouth City in Norfolk County, Virginia.

21 year-old ggg-grandfather Brayton is listed as a Patient, along with about 200 hundred United States Navy personnel. His occupation is listed as an Apprentice Seaman. The date of Census is 15 April 1910.

The majority of the Patients, on this page of the 1910 US Census are enumerated with the U.S. Navy. Three are listed with the U.S.M.C., which I believe stands for U.S. Marine Corps. One is with the Naval Artillery Services, which could be of Spain, and two are with the Brazilian Navy.

My question is “What conflict or incident could have landed so many Navy personnel in the Hospital at this time?

Oh and by the way the 1910 US Census indicates that ggg-grandfather Brayton is married as of the date of the Census.

I have now created a Timeline Chart of the life of ggg-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway.

I will be adding his life events as I progress through the search and research of the data and information.

If you have any questions, comments, and ideas, please contact me.




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