Part 672p – Groh Smith Genealogy – The Mystery of GGG-Grandfather Brayton C. Placeway – An Accident

01 May 2012

Good Day,

One never knows the unwinding of details and circumspect information that one must travail through when deciphering the lives of any of our ancestors in the search for one’s genealogy. And another way of putting this…sometimes there is a lot of data to sort through. Sometimes the answers do not come very easy.

Today I start with the mystery of my search and research into the life of soon-to-be great-great-great-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway. I am going to attempt to make logical sense of all the information that I have found to date. And there is no way that I will be able to present everything that I have found in just one Posting on A Genealogy Hunt. I will be offering bit by bit and my thoughts in constructing the puzzle of his life.

GGG-Grandfather Brayton C. Placeway and his twin brother GGG-Granduncle Clayton C. Placeway were born 17 April 1888 in Putnam, Livingston, Michigan in the United States. Brayton and Clayton were the sons of GGGG-Grandparents William Henry and Arvilla Louise (née Spalding) Placeway.

The earliest, to date, information of the twins Brayton and Clayton I have found is an article from the October 6, 1903 edition of the Jackson Semi-Weekly Citizen. Accordingly 15-year old Brayton was thrown from a wagon and seriously injured. The following is an image of the Jackson Semi-Weekly Citizen article.

All-things-being-equal, it can be surmised that ggg-grandfather Brayton did survive his injuries, as I have discovered a trove of later dated documents and articles.

Stay-tuned for more at A Genealogy Hunt on the life and relationships of ggg-grandfather Brayton Placeway.




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