Part 683d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1868 Birth and Baptism – Great-Grandaunt Mary Ellen Doherty – Wilmington, Delaware

11 May 2012

Good Day,

The Genealogy of the Doherty Family Line continues with my pursuit of the gathering of all documentation that I can get my hands, or PC, on.

GGG-Grandparents Philip and Margaret (née Doherty) Doherty’s third child and daughter was gg-grandaunt Mary Ellen Doherty. She was born 14 January 1868 and baptized at St. Peter’s Church, in Wilmington, Delaware on the 19 January 1868. This time the Doherty Family surname is spelled Dougherty in the Church Register.

She was baptized on the same day with two other children. One of the children is Margaret Ann Dougherty, daughter of Patrick and Ann (née Coughlin) Dougherty. Apart from having the same entered last name, Dougherty, as gg-grandaunt Mary Ellen Dougherty, and being baptized on the same day, this Margaret Ann Dougherty was born on the same day, 14 January 1868.

The inserted image is the Page of the St. Peter’s Church Register including the birth and baptism information of gg-grandaunt Mary Ellen Doherty. Note that her name in Latin is written “Mariam Ellen”.

Now the questions are:

1. Was the Priest/Scribe, who entered the detailed information into the Church Register, aware of the two spellings of the surnames Doherty and Dougherty?

2. Was a spelling mistake made by the Priest/Scribe regarding the surnames?

3. Was Patrick Dougherty’s last name truly Dougherty, or was it Doherty?

4. Could have Patrick Dougherty been related to either ggg-grandfather Philip Doherty or ggg-grandmother Margaret (née Doherty) Doherty?

My transcription –



19 Bapt Mariam Ellen filiam Phillipi Dougherty
et Maragareta Dougherty, natum 14th est Sponsores
Gerald Kelly et Birgetta Hayes

M.A. McGrann?

And my attempt at translating the Latin script –



19 Baptized Mary Ellen daughter of Philip Dougherty
and Margaret Dougherty, born on the 14th
Sponsors Gerald Kelly and Brigitte Hays
M.A. McGrann?

The above inserted image is the actual page of the Church Register. I downloaded it from Item 4 of the microfilm FHL [1787748].

If you have any comments, questions, thought, or ideas please feel free to contact me.




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