Part 715d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1895 – Birth, Baptism, and Death – Grandaunt Helen Doherty – Wilmington, Delaware

15 June 2012

Good Day,

The Genealogy trek continues with the discovery of the vital registrations of grandaunt Helen Doherty (aka Dougherty)’s very short life.

In my project to gather all documentation of all Doherty family and ancestors I have uncovered the pertinent vital records for the life of great-grandaunt Helen Doherty, the only daughter of g-grandparents Gerald and Mary (née Sheridan) Doherty.

The first document and image are the pages, extracted from the 1895 St. Paul’s Register of Baptisms. Grandaunt Helen was born 24 January 1895.

She was baptized by Father M Y Fallon at St. Paul’s Church 3 February 1895. Her sponsors were John and Mary E. Doherty.

Here is the image of the two pages of Page 10, downloaded in parts from Item 6 of microfilm FHL [1788084].

My transcription –

No. – 256
Father – Gerald P. Doherty
Mother – Mary E
RESIDENCE – 703 Harrison
Date of Birth – Jany 24
Date Baptism – 1895 Feb 3
Sponsors – Jn Doherty & Mary E
Priest – M Y Fallon
Remarks –

Tragically grandaunt Helen Doherty passed away six months after her birth. I have discovered the 1895 Return of A Death in the City of Wilmington registration. From the Family Search, Historical Collections – Delaware, Death Records, 1855 – 1955 I have downloaded the image from Digital Folder Number 4252478, Film Number 6383 and Image Number 373 of 416.

And my transcription. Note carefully how both spellings of the surname, Dougherty and Doherty, are used.

Dougherty, Helen

RETURN OF A DEATH in the City of Wilmington

1. Name of deceased – Helen Dougherty
2. Color – White
3. Sex – Female
4. Age – 6 months
5. Widowed, Married or Single –
6. Date of death – July 24, 1895
7. Cause of Death – Tubercular Meningitis

J. P. Fahey Physician
8. Occupation –
9. Place of birth – Wilmington
10. When a minor – Name of Father – Gerald Doherty
- Name of Mother – Mary E
11. Ward – 5
12. Street and number – 703 Harrison St.
13. Date of burial – July 26
14. Place of burial – Cathedral

Daniel T Killroy (Undertaker)

Another point to note regarding the information as provided in the Family Search database, gg-grandfather Gerald's name has been entered as "Jerald".

And the search continues.




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