Part 724s – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1867 Birth and Baptism – Great-Granduncle John Sheridan – Wilmington, Delaware

02 July 2012

Good Day,

I’ve done my puttering outside in the garden; the only way to attack the cleanup without succumbing to the heat is to segment the yard and property. My only issue is whether to subdivide our yard and garden into 12 equal parts or 365 unequal segments.

My genealogy work today is the presentation of great-grandmother Mary Helen (née Sheridan) Doherty’s siblings. All-things-being-equal her parents, gg-grandparents Thomas and Ellen M. (née Haley) Sheridan may have had seven children. I have been able to identify six while number seven is at this point in time a mystery.

Based on the records that I have found to date great-grandmother Mary Helen (née Sheridan) Doherty was the eldest. The next in line was great-granduncle John Joseph Sheridan. He was born in Wilmington, Delaware 22 November 1867 and baptized at St. Peter’s Church on the 24th.

The above-inserted is the image of the page from the St. Peter's Church records downloaded from Item 4 of the microfilm FHL [1787748].

The Latin transcription –

24 Bapt Joanum filium Thomas Sheridan et
Ellen Healy, natum 22nd ant Sponsorbus Mich(ael)
Cowen et Maria Sheridan
M. A. McGrann

My translation –

24. Baptized John son of Thomas Sheridan and
Ellen Healy, who was born on the 22nd. Sponsors – Mich(ael)
Cowen and Mary Sheridan.
M.A. McGrann

And of course, this opens a new question – Who was the Sponsor “Mary Sheridan”? How was she related to gg-grandfather Thomas Sheridan? Something to think about...




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