Part 725s – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1869 Birth and Baptism – Great-Grandaunt Catherine Sheridan – Wilmington, Delaware

04 July 2012

Good day and Happy 4th of July,

Genealogy search and research of the Sheridan Family Line of Wilmington, Delaware continues.

Next on the find is the 1869 Baptism Registration of great-grandaunt Catherine Sheridan, 13 May 1869. The Registration indicates that her parents were gg-grandparents Thomas and Catherine (née Healy) Sheridan and that her birthdate was 8 May. Great-Grandaunt Catherine appears to have been named for her paternal grandmother ggg-grandmother Catherine Sheridan.

The inserted image is the page from the St. Peter’s Church Records as downloaded from Item 4 of the microfilm FHL [1787747].

The Latin –


13 Bapt Catherinam, filiam Thomas Sheridan et
Catherina Healy, natum 8 Maii Sponsoribus Patricum
Nash et Maria Murphy

My translation –

Note – No year is written on the page, but this Baptism Registration is from the 1869 section of the Register.


13 Baptized Catherine, daughter of Thomas Sheridan and
Catherine Healy, born 8 May. Sponsors Patrick
Nash and Mary Murphy.

I wonder if there was a “Do You Think You Can Dance” show in 1869? Either that, or that judge surely aged well…

There are a couple of possible and logical, even though not definite, assumptions that can be made from the naming of the first three Sheridan children: great-grandaunt Mary Helen, great-granduncle John Joseph; and great-grandaunt Catherine. I am making this GUESS purely on the possible application of the general Irish naming convention.

Great-Grandaunt Catherine Sheridan may have been named for her grandmother, her father, gg-grandfather Thomas Sheridan’s mother, Catherine. We have the documentary proof that ggg-grandmother Catherine (née unknown) Sheridan was living in the Sheridan household per the 1870 US Census in Wilmington, Delaware. (See Part 120s.) The Irish naming convention applies – 2nd daughter was usually named after the father’s mother.

As gg-grandparents Thomas and Ellen M. Sheridan’s first child and daughter was baptized Mary Helen Sheridan, and based on the Irish naming convention – The 1st daughter was usually named after the mother’s mother, we could venture to say that gg-grandmother Ellen M. (née Healy/Haley) Sheridan’s mother’s first name may have been “Mary”.

The first son, great-granduncle John Joseph Sheridan, according to the Irish naming convention – The 1st son was usually named after the father’s father, could have been named for gg-grandfather Thomas Sheridan’s father. I have not found any document stating ggg-grandfather Sheridan’s name, I could go out on a limb and conjecture that ggg-grandfather Sheridan’s first name may have been “John”. Time and continued research will tell.

More to come, stay tuned.




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