Part 747t – Smith McCullogh Genealogy – 1887 Birth – GG-Grandfather Alfred Wade Trefry – Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

04 August 2012

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The search and the research just keep going on and on and on, and on. Genealogy exploration is just one of those things, for one like me who becomes obsessed, that one can never get enough. I pride myself that I do look for credible documentary justification for each piece of evidence that I chance upon. And at the same time it is key to make sure that I keep the Family Lines separate and organized.

From Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics I discovered the 1920 Delayed Birth Registration for great-grandfather Alfred Wade Trefry. His actual birth date was 14 August 1887.

Accordingly the “Creation of these records began in 1908, when modern-day civil registration commenced in Nova Scotia. Individuals born in the province before 1908 who wanted their births officially recorded… were able to do so for many years after 1908 via a ‘delayed registration’ procedure at the Vital Statistics Office.” It was great-great-grandmother Veronica (née Rustemeijer) Trefry who initiated great-grandfather Alfred’s 1887 Birth Registration.

Here is the Register entry -

My transcription –

597733 No. 733

Name Surname First 1 – Trefry, Alfred Wade
Sex 2 – Male
Date and Place of Birth 3 – Aug. 14, 1887. Arcadia
Name of Father 4 – Trefry, Chas. Knowles
Maiden name of Mother 5 – Rustemeijer, Veronica
Residence of Father 6 – Arcadia, Yarmouth Co., N.S.
Occupation of Father 7 – Master Mariner
Place of Birth of Father 8 – Arcadia, N.S.
Race of Father 9 – White
Name of Physician in attendance 10 – Dr. J. Farish
Name of Person making Return 11 – Veronica Trefry
Address of Person making Return 12 – Arcadia, N.S.
Date of Return 13 – May 27, 1920.
REMARKS 14 – Affidavit of mother.

Under Remarks state whether
Birth is Twin, Triplet, Ill-
gitimate or Still-birth.

This is now the third spelling of gg-grandmother Veronica’s maiden name that I have discovered: Rustemeijer, Rustemeir, and Rustemeyer. All-things-being-equal and as this is gg-grandmother Veronica’s recorded affidavit, it may be considered that the actual spelling of her maiden name could have been Rustemeijer.

The top image is of Yarmouth Light, Nova Scotia.

And the search continues…




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