Part 748b – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1900 US Census – GG-Grandmother Rebecca (née Scott)(formerly Holmes) and Richard Boyd - Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

05 August 2012

Good Day,

Thank you Helen for sending me the 1987 Holmes Family Genealogy work as compiled by Betty Holmes Herring. Working from the collected information provides tremendous leads that can now be researched and supplemented to the Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy.

My focus today is gg-grandmother Rebecca (née Scott), widow of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes, and of her second husband Richard Boyd. According to 1987 papers gg-grandmother Rebecca and Richard Boyd had four children.

I have since discovered from the 1900 US Census from Seek Village of Rahn Township in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania that gg-grandmother Rebecca had a reported total of seven children. Documentary information indicates and she had three with gg-grandfather Audley Holmes and four with Richard Boyd.

Here is the copy of the 1900 US Census highlighting gg-grandmother Rebecca (née Scott) (formerly Holmes) and Richard Boyd. Reported on the 1900 Census is the Year that gg-grandmother Rebecca, all-things-being-equal, immigrated to the United States from Ireland. The Year was 1833; gg-grandmother Rebecca had been in the United States for 67 years. All-things-being-equal gg-grandmother Rebecca (née Scott) was an infant of about one year old when she arrived from Ireland.

The image of Page from the 1900 US Census was downloaded from I have created a new Brunhammer Doherty Clooz Database. This database will be my means of recording all documents including information and data of the Brunhammer Doherty genealogy. Here is the reporting of the United States Federal Census Population Schedule, 1900 CUSPA000001.

My number coding CUSPA000001 is my way of cross-referencing files in my collection. CUSPA000001 stands for Census United States Pennsylvania 000001.

I am still waiting for news from the Luzerne County Historical Society Research Team as to further news regarding the murder of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes.

My next Post will include an update of the Holmes Descendant Chart. Stay tuned.




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