Part 755h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1920 Fourteenth US Census – Holmes Family – Lansford, Carbon County, Pennsylvania

21 August 2012

Good Day,

Today’s first Post of the genealogy of the Holmes Family Line is the Fourteenth United States Federal Census dated 8 January 1920. Only three members of the Holmes Family: great-grandparents John and Hannah and their youngest daughter, grandmother Myrtle are at home. The address is 403 West Kline Alley in Lansford in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. These three persons are critical connections of Andy’s Blood Line.

I have downloaded and highlighted the image of Sheet No. 9B. My source is The National Archives as provided via

There are two items that are puzzling to me. The first one is at great-grandfather John Holmes at Line 79 in Column 13, “Year of immigration to the United States”. The initials “MH” have been entered. There are two other similar entries at Line 52 and Line 95. At present I do not know what the “MH” stands for, especially as the response called for in this Column is supposed to be a Year. All three persons including great-grandfather John’s “Place of Birth” was entered “Pennsylvania” but something seems to have been written over the “Pennsylvania”. There are eight other instances of the initials “MH” in Column 12 that are written over the response initial for “Single, married, widowed, or divorced.” In each of these cases there is a year entered in Column 13 for the “Year of immigration to the United States”.

The second item is also in Column 13, “Year of immigration to the United States”. It is on Line 81, grandmother Myrtle Holmes's line. The number "10" is inserted. Grandmother Myrtle was born in Pennsylvania. I have no clue as to the meaning of the number "10". I certainly need some explanation…

Here is my Clooz 3.0 reporting of the United States Federal Census Population Schedule, 1920 CUSPA0000010.




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