Part 756h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1930 Fifteenth US Census – Great-Grandmother Anna (aka Hannah) Holmes – Lansford, Carbon County, Pennsylvania

22 August 2012

Good Day,

Just got back from my Dentist. I’m typing with only my right hand as I can’t feel the left side of my body. With the new numbing chemicals in use, the grinding and the drilling, and the filling is certainly one walk in the park. While making my next dental appointment on December 19, I had to ask "Why do I need clean teeth if the world's gonna end 2 days after?"

Back to my genealogy search and research of the Holmes Family.

This time the search for great-grandmother Hannah Holmes was a bit more complicated. On the 1930 US Census she is listed as “Anna Holmes”. The enumerator, Burris Kressly, obviously missed out on an “H”. My immediate reaction was if the enumerator was ‘ard of ‘earing, would not Mr. (or Ms.) Kressly have listed great-grandmother as “Anna Olmes”. One will never know… but the lesson learned in the search for names in the pursuit of genealogy, it is key to realize that an ancestor’s name may be spelled, sounded, or transcribed in many different ways.

The reasoning to finding the names of ancestors is to try searches of many types of arrangements and similarities. In the case of great-grandmother Hannah, I have now found at least three different opportunities of her name: Honora, Hannah, and Anna.

According to the Fifteenth Census of the United States great-grandmother Anna (aka Hannah) Holmes, on 14 April 1930 was living by herself, in her home at 202 West Patterson Street in the Borough of Lansford, in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. The following is the Census image of Sheet No. 3B from The National Archives as downloaded from

The following is my United States Federal Census Population Schedule, 1930 CUSOA000006 as created by Clooz 3.0.

All-things-being-equal great-grandmother Hannah may have passed away in about 1935. If anyone has any documented details could you please contact me.




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