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23 August 2012

Good Day,

At times I need a picture, a visual representation of the genealogy that I have been researching and of which I have been writing. Two such good tools, apart from Ancestry and Descendant Charts, are Timelines and Document Summary Reports. I have created a new Holmes Family Timeline.

This Holmes Family Timeline begins about 1875/6 with the Marriage of great-grandparents John and Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes. There are many different software in the market that have the capability of creating Timelines. I used Excel.

Upon entering various documents and data to Clooz 3.0 I am able to produce a number of unique reports. The following report is an Individual Person report identifying those documents that I have on file and to date, entered into my Clooz database. It is a tremendous method of organizing that which I have on file that may make mention of and/or pertain to a specific individual with my genealogy research.

The Personal File # is my method of coding my document and data files. The reset of the information is data that was entered in from each individual document as specific to great-grandmother Hannah.

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