Part 759g – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – Great-Grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes – 1878, A Puzzling Search – Episode II – Indexes

25 August 2012

Good Day,

As I wait for two blustery events down here in Tampa Bay, Isaac and the RNC, I keep my mind and thoughts fixed on the search and research for information and data of the genealogy of great-grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes. Following up with my previous posting Part 758g – Episode I, a number of references to a Hannah Gallagher listed in the Indexes of the Orphans’ Court of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Before you continue reading, I must make the point that this entries may not refer to great-grandmother Hannah. There are, as I eluded to in Part 758g, some possible coincidences. I am continuing to research and investigate other data to determine whether this may or may not be great-grandmother Hannah.

Here are the Orphans’ Court of Schuylkill County Index references to Hannah Gallagher. The Indexes are a bit confusing, but definitely enlightening once I figured out what was going on.

First from Item 2 of FHL [2134782], the Index.

Next the summary information.

Note that the entry for Hannah Gallagher references the date 16 Sept. 1878 and O.C.D. (sic Orphans' Court Docket) No. 17 Page 299.

Stay tuned for the next Episode.




The Woolery Clan on August 25, 2012 at 1:11 PM said...

Did you have the her biological parents before?

Jim Smith on August 26, 2012 at 12:15 AM said...

No. There is no is no documentary proof, to date who her parents were. My next post will provide the parents and maternal grandparents of this identified Hannah Gallagher.

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