Part 760g – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – Great-Grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes – 1878, A Puzzling Search – Episode III – Appointment of Guardian

26 August 2012

Good Day,

Following up with my previous posting Part 759g – Episode II, I discovered this document, an Appointment of Guardian for Hannah Gallagher, a Minor from Docket 17 of the Orphans’ Court of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The filing date of the entry was 16 September 1878.

At this point in my research and search, I'm not saying that this is great-grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes. This is purely a possibility based on a couple of coincidences. I will be revealing the coincidences in upcoming Episodes of my search for great-grandmother Hannah.

Here is the Appointment of Guardian entry from Docket 17 of the Orphans’ Court of Schuylkill County Register. I downloaded the image from Item 1 of the microfilm FHL [2134249].

And here is my transcription –


Appointment of Guardian for }
Hannah Gallagher, a Minor }

To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphans’
Court of Schuylkill County:

The petition of Hannah
Gallagher respectfully represents –

That the petitioner is a minor child of Daniel Gallagher
late of the township of Cass, in said County of Schuylkill, deceased, above the age of
fourteen years, is a resident within said County, and has no guardian to take care
of her person and estate. She therefore prays the Court to admit her to make choice
of a guardian for that purpose.

And she will ever pray, & _____,

Hannah Gallagher

Now, to- int: September 16, 1878, the above petition being read and heard in open
Court, the Court permit the said Hannah Gallagher to make choice of a Guardian.
Whereupon the said Hannah made choice of James Harley, of Minersville, as her
guardian; and the said Court having confirmed said choice, appoint said James
Harley as guardian of said Hannah Gallagher, and direct that he enter in bond
in the sum of Two hundred dollars; and the Court approve of Patrick Duffy, of
Minersville, as surety of said Guardian.

By the Court,
Richard Rahn,
Clerk, O.C.
Filed 16 Sept. 1878.

At this juncture in my research, the question is exactly what is the relationship between Hannah Gallagher the Minor and her chosen guardian, James Harley? I may have found a possible connection in the 1860 US Census, but you will have to stay tuned.




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