Part 764g – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Search For Great-Grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes – Episode VII

02 September 2012

Good Day,

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Two hurricanes and one tropical depression are far off in the Atlantic. At present their intended paths leave out the Sunshine State of Florida. Yeah!

My search for elements, hints, and clues of the genealogy of great-grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes continues… and continues.

I believe I have found a possible and priceless clue, that all-things-being-equal, and if there is some smidgen of a similar piece out there, we might be on the right track. This could be the great-grandmother Hannah that we are looking for.

Part 762g and Episode V presented the recorded Document in Docket 17 of the Orphans’ Court of Schuylkill County “Real Estate of Hannah Gallagher, a Minor”. This Document is only a transcription of the original Document and was filed 28 October 1878. The other Document in Part 760g, Episode III “Appointment of Guardian for Hannah Gallagher, a Minor”, filed 16 September 1878 was also only a transcription, transcribed in the Docket.

I stumbled upon images of the actual Documents in my continued search; 17 pages. The amazing thing is the image of a possible original signature of “Hannah Gallagher.” The question is “Does someone possibly have something, anything, any paper or letter with great-grandmother Hannah’s signature that we could compare the two?

Here are the images of the original Documents as downloaded from Family Search from the Pennsylvania, Probate Records, 183-1994 Collection.




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