Part 775p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Pariza Family Line – 1930 Census – Milwaukee City, Wisconsin

07 October 2012

Good Day,

Thanks to the development of Internet technology the work of genealogy has become much more concise and ever-expanding. With the use of Google Maps, for example, I am able to almost zero in to the actual, if they still exist, locations where ancestors may have lived.

In the case of the Pariza Family, according to the 1920 US Census they lived at 564 National Avenue in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin. Today National Avenue is subdivided into two parts, East and West. All-things-being-equal, just from Google maps I am not able to pinpoint approximately on which side of National Avenue they lived.

According to the 1930 US Census they are renting a home at 653 Mineral Street also in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin. Again, today’s Google Maps provides for an East and West division of Mineral Street.

Computing the permutations of distances between the Easts and the Wests of National Avenue and Mineral Street, Google Maps is able to calculate the walking distances of about 3 minutes to 3 hours. In other words, the Pariza Family, from 1920 to 1930, moved just around the corner, 3, 6 or 11 minutes… or across town in Milwaukee.

The above inserted clipped image is of the approximate area from the Caspar’s 1930 official map of the city of Milwaukee and vicinity as provided from the digital collection of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries.

The following is the image of the page from the 1930 US Census listing the Pariza Family.

And my Clooz 3.0 reporting CUSWI000008.

Next is the 1940 US Census.




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