Part 774p - Smith Groh Genealogy - Pariza Family Line - 1920 US Census - Milwaukee City, Wisconsin

05 October 2012

Good Day,

Yes I am continuing my journey, search and research into the genealogy and the traipsings along the historical paths of our Family Lines.

In Part 769p I added the 1910 US Census recording of the Pariza Family. This Census presented CK’s great-great-grandfather Joseph Willard (also known as Bill) Pariza, his ggg-grandparents Leo (aka Leon Pierre) and Mary (aka Marie), and his gg-granduncle Harold L.

Now I present the Pariza Family as recorded in the 1920 US Census who is now living in Milwaukee City, Wisconsin. According to the 1910 US Census they were living in Marinette City in Wisconsin. The distance between Marinette City and Milwaukee is approximately 185 miles, south along Lake Michigan.

We are now introduced to another member of the Family, gg-granduncle Clinton Pariza. From my research, and I stand corrected, but I do believe that gg-granduncle Clinton may have also been known as John.

Above is an image of the page of the 1920 US Census highlighting the Pariza Family. Also, here is my Clooz 3.0 reporting, CUSWI000007.

If you have any knowledge, information, and data of the Pariza Family please feel to contact me. I have sent out six emails to Family Trees referencing the Pariza Family. I have not received any return response.

Stay-tuned. Shortly I will be creating a Pariza Family Descendant Chart.




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