Part 777h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Mystery of GG-Grandfather Audley Holmes – A Coincidence

09 October 2012

Good Day,

In the course of search and research in the field of genealogy, it is not a good thing to assume anything. It is extremely important to make sure that the best possible documentation and data is available.

But, and this is a big but... at times some coincidental notice or information might be found that may or may not provide a key to the puzzle of the re-creation of an ancestor's life and demise.

In the attempt to reconstruct the events and outcome of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes murder, I have been gathering evidence, details, and information that will assist to solve the question "Why?" To date I have posted the summary of details in Part 776h. All the data and information span the dates from 11 December 1854 through 26 January 1855.

And then I stumbled upon something that may or may not have something to do with the outcome of the murder trial.

In my search I discovered The Tioga Agitator, also named The Tioga County Agitator, a local newspaper which was published in Wellsborough, Tioga County, Pennsylvania from about 1854 through 1865. Published in the 31 January 1856 edition is the 1855 Statement of Receipts and Expenditures for the Treasury of Tioga County.

In the published statement I immediately focused on a single item under the Heading of "Paupers"... "State Lunatic Assylum, Support of Margaret Burke - $157.23" Coincidence?

And then again, about a month later in The Tioga County Agitator, 21 February 1856 similar information is published.

Is this Margaret Burke, The Cook? Is this the same Margaret Burke who was locked up in jail immediately after the murder and discovery of gg-grandfather Audley Holmes' body?

I wonder if I can find any details of the PA State Lunatic Asslum. Stay tuned.




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