Part 786p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1942 WWII Registration – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Waupaca, Wisconsin

30 October 2012

Good Day,

And then there is the 1942 World War II Draft Registration of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. The Registration Card was signed 27 April 1942 and registered at East Union Street, Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Here are the front and back images of ggg-grandfather Leo’s Registration Card as downloaded from Family and microfilm FHL [1572825].

A note to anyone who is researching their genealogy, it is important to search all available online databases. Not all online services, even though they may provide a similar collection, as the World War II Draft Registration Cards, have digitized the same and identical parts of the collections. In this case the World War II Draft Registration Cards for Wisconsin are not available through the collection. They are currently available via the Family Search collection.

And here is my Clooz Report – WWIIRCWI000001

There is a discrepancy between the 1918 World War I and the 1942 World War II Registration Cards for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. It is his birthdate. In 1918 it is entered as “Sept 8 1879” (See Part 784p), whereas in 1942 it is entered as “Sept. 8 1878”. But when one compares the 1918 and 1942 signatures for ggg-grandfather Leo on the two different Registration Cards one can see that the signatures were signed by the same person.

Here are the signatures -

The 1918 -

The 1942 -

The question is – Was ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza born in 1878 or 1879?




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