Part 793pw – Smith Groh Genealogy – Pariza Family Line – 1902 Marriage – Vina Parisaya and Fred Wallnitz – Menominee, Michigan

06 November 2012

Good Day,

And now the fun begins… that is if you are really into genealogy search and research. The inserted image to the right is from the 1912 Edition of the San Jose Mercury of California from Genealogy Bank News, December 2011.

At this point of time, in my collection of information and data regarding the life and times of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza, I have chanced upon a number of different variations in the spelling and idiomatic constructions of his surname. I have found Pariza, Parizo, Parasaya, and Parisaya. They certainly are unlike my surname of Smith.

Taking a cue from most experts in genealogy research, I have been searching all possible iterations of the formation of the Pariza surname. One such possibility that is presented is based on the surname Parisaya. If you have been following my posts and research, I discussed this rendition of the surname in Part 783p. It is the 1900 US Census in Guinayangan, Philippine Islands which enumerates ggg-grandfather Leo Parisaya.

In Part 782p the two Index Cards from the Civil War Pension Index indicate that ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza was also known by the name Leo Parisaya. A number of other pieces of data and documents pretty much lead us to believe that sometime after 1905 the spelling of the surname was actually changed from Parisaya aka Parasaya to the current Pariza.

A general search of Family Search database for the name Parisaya provides 827,278 results. The first result is Leo Parisaya, as mentioned above, regarding the 1900 US Census.

The next five results all reference one Vina Parisaya. It is in reference to her 24 November 1902 marriage to Fred Wallnitz in Menominee, Michigan. Menominee, Michigan is just one mile north of Marinette, Wisconsin across the Menominee River. The "Residence of Each" are given as Marinette, Wis.. Marinette was the same location provided as the residence for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza in the 1905 City of Marinette Directory.

The Marriage Register has actually two entries for the marriage of Vina Parisaya and Fred Wallnitz. The first entry, number 362, is dated 20 November 1902 but it is then completely crossed through. In one of the columns it is noted to “See No 372”. The second entry, number 372, is dated 28 November 1902. The main difference that I can see when comparing the two entries, apart from the date is that in the first entry Vina Parisaya’s parents are listed as “Unknown”. In the second entry, the one dated 28 November 1902 her parents are written as “Timothy Parisaya” and “Catherine”, and what looks like, at first take, “Borrow”. These names almost tie to the Family Tree chart that I discovered where it is recounted that “Timothy Pariza” and “Katherine Grenier” are the parents of "Leo Pierre Pariza". (See Part 792p.)

Here is the image, number 276, of the Marriage Register from the Family Search collection “Michigan, Marriages, 1868-1825”, Digital Folder Number 4042371 and microfilm FHL [2342522].

I have highlighted both entries.

Here are the four pages of my Clooz Marriage Record M00003.

I am following this as a possible lead that Vina Parisaya may be related to ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza aka Parisaya. Who knows what I may unearth?




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